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The challenge with training in Network Marketing is that few people are educated in the subject of training. They are not qualified in training design, implementation and measurement as a training professional would be working in an organisation such as Shell, a school district or the military.

Given this is a business solely based on individual and team performance, this situation seems bizarre. The reason is that the core strategy has been the Numbers Game thus training just had to cover Sponsoring and Motivation. Trainings were effectively a motivational meeting.
Recently there has been a flood of personal development training to try and keep people in the business longer. The results show no impact on success

Edward is a qualified training and development professional having been qualified to the highest training levels in the military. This is how he recognised the ‘learn skills first’ concept of 100% Success is the logic development.

Edward conducts fives types of training:
  1.     100% Confidence Workshop – 3 hour evening seminar
  2.     Build a TidalWave Workshop – 2 day momentum workshop
  3.     100% Leadership – 2 day new leader workshop
  4.     Bespoke Builder training
  5.     Bespoke Leader training Learn more...

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‘Fantastic leadership weekend, you were so much better than any speaker we ever have. The business is now buzzing.’
Frank Bjordal, CEO Shine

"It's really helpful to have someone as knowledgeable and inspirational. You have great influence as a generic trainer. I've listened to many trainers and Ed you're better than them all."
Simon Brooks, Worldwide No1 leader, Lifestyles

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