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Leadership training is most important training provided as leaders are the most important asset in a network. Each team of leaders has a unique situation. The leadership training must be designed that way.

Most leadership training is motivational speaking or recruiting skills dressed up as leadership. The concept is basically, if you can recruit enough people then your network achieves momentum and thus become a ‘leader’. This is why so many networks collapse.

Edward trains more Network leaders [on leadership] in more companies in more countries than any trainer. Experience matters so you can trust him to deliver the best result. Talk to him today

>As a graduate of the Royal Military College, he studied leadership at one of the world’s elite Army officer universities in the world. His leadership was tested in rural Fiji, the Malaysian jungle and ice-bound Antarctica. It is his passion. He has trained leadership in more than 50 Network companies across the world.

"It's really helpful to have someone as knowledgeable and inspirational. You have great influence as a generic trainer. I've listened to many trainers and Ed you're better than them all."
Simon Brooks, Worldwide No1 leader, Lifestyles

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