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The Big Picture
Edward is Europe’s leading convention speaker and most companies want him to present his Big Picture vision of the future of network marketing. It is a guaranteed hit as it’s unique, relevant and highly motivational. Learn more…

Edward also speaks on other subjects in addition to the Big Picture:

Edward’s speeches at leadership conferences are normally developed with the client. See 100% Leadership

100% Success
Edward explains how a skill based future means everyone can succeed and how to use this do double your sponsoring immediately. This is a massive confidence-building message. Refer 100% Success for detail

Edward explains the only proven strategy to achieve momentum and become a leader. This is a ‘kick arse’ message of inspiration and massive action. Very funny stories of Asian discovery and the negative lazy attitudes of people. Refer 100% Success for detail.

Edward explains his NutraBoom vision of the future of health products. He explains the trends, statistics and future of this evolving industry. He reinforces the message of ‘quality is king’ in the world of nutraceuticals. See his NutraBoom CD for more detail
"Ed is one of the few people who can present network marketing in its purest form. He is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard and is well respected through FLP."
Dusty Green, European Managing Director, Forever Living Products

"Many thanks for the sensational input to our National Seminar. Each and every one of the delegates loved it. Mission accomplished! Well done!"
Andy Goodwin, Managing Director, Nutri-Metics

"You were great!"
Trevor and Jackie Lowe. Double diamond Amway. Network 21.

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