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You have a big event and are wondering what unique yet empowering message you should finish on to get your people to go into massive action?
The answer is... Get the Big Picture!

Belief in your products, people and company is vital for motivation for success. A massive hole in most people's motivation is 'belief in the industry'. They have no 'Big Picture' on why this business is exciting, why it is booming and why it is the Right Place at the Right Time!

How can you expect your people to commit to the future, if they do not know whether the industry will continue to grow? How can you expect you people to talk to people they know, if they can't explain their industry? Past, present and future; in a way that will excite and inspire.

So it is time your people were inspired by Edward's world-famous 'Big Picture' speech.
Inspired into massive action. Inspired into creating fantastic results.

Edward has been the keynote speech at countless conferences around the world answering the question 'Why is Network Marketing booming again?' This speech builds unshakeable belief in the credibility and potential of this industry. He motivates them then makes them commit to action - massive action.

It is a unique speech powered by unmatched industry analysis based on 14 years of providing this information in newspaper articles, books and presentations. Unlike other motivational speeches, this industry relevant information provides long-lasting belief and motivation. It builds confidence, increased recruiting and productivity.

This is a message built on the world's most detailed research into Network Marketing. Fourteen years, hundreds of companies, all around the world. And he does his research on your business as well to ensure his speech is tailored to your business. He helps you reinforce your message, eliminate your concerns and promotes your campaigns. This is why people create more business after his speeches and why he is the most hired and admired keynote speaker in Network Marketing in Europe.

Add to the unique information, one of the most powerful, funny and inspiring speakers in the business, and its obvious why so many companies in so many countries have used Edward to make their event a hit!


"Ed is one of the few people who can present network marketing in its purest form. He is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard and is well respected through FLP."
Dusty Green, European Managing Director, Forever Living Products

"Many thanks for the sensational input to our National Seminar. Each and every one of the delegates loved it. Mission accomplished! Well done!"
Andy Goodwin, Managing Director, Nutri-Metics

"You were great!"
Trevor and Jackie Lowe. Double diamond Amway. Network 21.

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